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Body Treatments

imageBody treatments are essentially a facial for your whole body. It is just as important to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin on your body as it is the skin of your face.

The most popular body treatment is a salt glow or sea-salt scrub. This is an exfoliating treatment that takes place on a heated massage table for your added comfort. You will be covered with a sheet or a large towel.

As you lay on your stomach, the massage therapist rubs a mixture of sea salt, essential oils into your skin. This exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling velvety soft.

Once your whole body is scrubbed. You are then directed to the shower to wash off without soap and returns to the heated massage table where a hydrating lotion will be applied to your entire body.

 It’s an invigorating treatment, and it’s a good idea to get your scrub before your massage if you’re having both.

The techniques use in this kind of massage are specifically designed to relax muscles using long stokes, kneading, effleurage (gliding stokes with the palms, thumbs and or forearm movements) and stretching which aid in providing total relaxation to the body. The massage increases circulation, stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves. It reduces stress, both emotional and physical and is a recommended regiment for stress management.

Take some time to really treat your body the way it deserves; see what you can do for it with a body scrub.

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Dry Exfoliation & Massage

Salt Glow or Brown Sugar Scrub & Massage

Body Scrub/Polish & Massage

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